Fostering community through sound: Music lovers celebrate Shabang’s 10th anniversary, together

And just like how the harsh cold of the afternoon rain cannot describe the Shabang experience without the mention of the golden sun’s return, what fills the festival with life and sets it apart is not only the die-hard music fans showing up to rail ride the barricades of their favorite artists, but also the ones yearning to find community connection.

Inside the thrilling world of Shabang's marketplace vendors

Human interaction buzzes within festival crowds — shouting the wrong lyrics with your best friends, engaging in spontaneous dance with a person you just met and allowing the hum of a guitar to resonate through your body. Yet, Cuesta Ridge, Laguna Lake and Funk Safari were not the only locations to experience this engagement at the Dairy Creek Golf Course from May 3-4, during the annual Shabang Live Music and Arts Festival. 



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What's the vibe of Shabang this year? Reporter Emma Montalbano asks this question to many attendees to get a closer look.

Shabang day two recap

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