Full Schedule!

The Breakfast Club

Start off your day with The Breakfast Club. A pick-me-up for those trying to start their day off on the right foot.

Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight glides listeners into the second part of their day, boosting the beat and serving up a faster pace to accompany listeners in their routines. Afternoon Delight incorporates more pep in its rhythm and invigorates listeners by transcending the usually mundane afternoon with specially curated delights.

The Comedown

Tune in while you drive home from work or walk home from class. Blending genres together, The Comedown seeks to ease you into the night with dreamy indie rock, electronica and more.

The Lounge

After dusk, join KCPR DJs for The Lounge. Immerse yourself in cutting edge electronica, and hip-hop.

Club 91

KCPR’s club-oriented DJs spontaneously bring the dancefloor from our studio to you.


Democracy Now


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