KCPR 91.3’s newest podcast “Chatterbox” is recorded LIVE on Dexter Lawn in the center of Cal Poly’s campus. Our hosts set up a table and interview whoever walks by –– students, professors, or the random San Luis Obispo residents walking to the town’s only bowling alley.

Episode topics range from sharing your most embarrassing moments, to first kiss stories, to people’s thoughts on the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance. Stop by Dexter Lawn every other Tuesday from 12 PM – 2 PM to have a conversation with our hosts and get featured on Chatterbox!

Grace Bennett –– Host
Sebastien Tallet –– Host
Sam Kohn –– Audio Engineer
Lauren Jones –– Producer


KCPR 91.3 presents SLO-FI, a podcast about the unique local music culture of San Luis Obispo. Nestled on the Central Coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Luis Obispo has become a music destination, and a cultural hub for local artists, bands, and music venues.

Ben Shane –– Host
Rachel Kupfer-Weinstein –– Host
Pat Blaine –– Audio Engineer
Noel Lopez –– Video Producer

CP 101: Learn by Listening

CP 101: Learn by Listening is your tell-all guide to how to get the most out of your Cal Poly experience.

Emma Hughes –– Host
Kate Lowpensky –– Host
Ashley Oakes –– Audio Editor

The Gallop

The Gallop gives you the exclusive on Cal Poly Athletics. We interview athletes, coaches, and sports fanatics to highlight the best of Mustang sports.

Nick Bandanza –– Host / Audio Editor
Matthew Ho –– Host
Anthony Molleson –– Host / Video Editor

Different Matters

Different Matters covers a variety of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion topics and approaches tough conversations with an open perspective.

Kate Hernandez –– Host
Amy Contreras –– Host
Olive Nelson –– Audio Editor

The Roundup

Mustang News Editor-in-Chief Chloe Lovejoy and KCPR News Reporter Emma Montalbano share weekly recaps on news covered by Mustang Media Group as well as completing sit-down interviews with reporters and impactful community members. New episodes air every Friday at 6 p.m on 91.3 FM in San Luis Obispo and worldwide at KCPR.org.

Chloe Lovejoy –– Host
Emma Montolbano –– Host / Audio Editor

Podcast Video Reels