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Cal Poly Cheer Returns In Person For Competition Season

Cal Poly Cheer Returns In Person For Competition Season

Courtesy | Tim Wang

After a year of almost no in-person performances, Cal Poly’s cheer team was back in April for competition season.

Edith Cui, who will be Cal Poly’s cheer captain for the upcoming academic year, said despite the lost time due to the coronavirus pandemic, the team performed well at the college stunt national championships on April 30.

“A lot of people were saying they were really surprised at how well we were doing, which was really nice because a lot of those other teams were practicing way before we were,” Cui said.

Cal Poly’s stunt team lost to Michigan State by just three points in their division, according to the College Stunt National Championships website.

Cui said the team wasn’t able to practice stunting until they received permission from the Athletics Department in late fall of 2020.

Now, though most of the team is fully vaccinated, according to Cui, they are still following certain precautions.

“We just want to stay healthy and we want to be able to continue stunting, and if wearing masks and taking other precautions is what it’s going to take, it’s what we’ll do,” Cui said.

Cui said the cheer team will most likely be able to perform at football games in the fall this year.

Cal Poly football is scheduled to start their fall season on September 4 against Fresno State.

According to current state and local guidelines, outdoor recreational sports with moderate contact, including cheerleading, are allowed to be played.

With San Luis Obispo’s current status in the orange tier of coronavirus restrictions, spectators are also allowed to attend sporting events with limited capacity.

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