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New Music Monday: May 31, 2021

New Music Monday: May 31, 2021

Each week the content writers for are going to publish a playlist containing a new song recommendation from each of them. 

Stop Making This Hurt – Bleachers

Recommended by: Eden Baker

As summer is being ushered in, so are upbeat, dance songs. “Stop Making This Hurt” is no exception; even though the vocals are about pain and heart attack, the song itself has an upbeat, late-2000’s dance song feel.

They Didn’t See It Coming – Kele

Recommended by: Evan Gattuso

Kele’s new album “The Waves Pt.1” is a wave worth riding. “They Didn’t See It Coming” is a crisp dreamlike track guided by Kele’s soothing vocals and a textured guitar.

His & Hers – Internet Money (ft. Don Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert, & Gunna)

Recommended by: Alina Jafri

This is a sick collaboration featuring several great rappers. The track has hypnotizing beats and a great hook that definitely projects the off earth vibes that are usually used in Don Toliver’s music. 

Young King – Glorious Sons

Recommended by: Tessa Hughes

The folk rock band is back with two new singles “Young King” and “Daylight,” with “Young King” being my favorite, since it’s slightly disjointed, rock instrumentals are the reason I fell in love with the band in the first place.

Chondromalacia Patella – black midi

Recommended by: Zoe Boyd

black midi is following up their first studio album “Schlagenheim” with a take on post punk that strays from the norm, to say the least. Their new album, “Cavalcade,” has a darker, more mysterious feel than the band’s first, and the track “Chondromalacia Patella”  encompasses the musical journey the listener takes on. It feels like watching an old, twisted cartoon.

Recommended fi you like: Primus, Black Country, New Road, Squid.

fantasize – ericdoa 

Recommended by: Jenna McCarthy

This song has chill and lowkey vibes, making you want to listen to it on a the freeway with the windows rolled down and the music at full volume. 

Capo – Mustafa ft. Sampha

Recommended by: Keagan Levi Scott

Mustafa has officially released his first LP “When Smoke Rises” and I am amped. Paired with his sultry vocals and Sampha’s stellar piano playing, the two artists have created a gentle and heart-wrenching ballad interspersed with analog recordings of someone speaking that gives the song an additional layer of nuance. This song feels like the kind of music John Legend longs to make. 

have a great day – easy life

Recommended by: Sophia Pattison

This song is off of the group’s debut album that was released this week. It’s about a beach day, which is perfect for summer. If you like artists like Rex Orange County and Still Woozy, easy life is a little mix of both and definitely worth checking out.

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