Appendage + Bough and Gems That Aren’t Downtown

Fair warning: wandering into Appendage + Bough may cause side effects, ranging from exploration of their vintage clothing for hours to convincing yourself you need a new recycled wood coffee table in your living room.

Originally opened as a custom furniture service that specializes in using recycled wood, the store has expanded, selling products ranging from candles to ceramics — most of which are locally produced by San Luis Obispo artists and craftsmen.

The store operates behind the mentality of repurposing old items. From the clothes to the furniture, the store is a collection of forgotten products and materials, revamped into a modern image that has it’s roots in the past.

For any business located outside of downtown San Luis Obispo, it can be difficult to attract customers. However, Appendage + Bough’s wall-less storefront and unique aesthetic design makes the store stand out. And if that was not enough to draw you into the store, the owner has a dog.

Besides the infamous High St. Deli, the neighborhood just south of San Luis Obispo’s historic district has many businesses Cal Poly students may overlook. Only a block away from Appendage + Bough resides The Station — a gas station converted into an international winebar. (They don’t serve wine out of the gas pumps by the gallon, but they should.) In the theme of conversion, the store also revamped a mint green old school ice cream truck into a mobile food and wine van which the store uses at different festivals throughout California.

It’s easy to come to San Luis Obispo and get lost in the plethora of stores downtown has to offer. But if you want to check out some of the town’s hidden gems, keep heading south on Higuera St. and check out what the neighborhood has to offer.

 Jesse Hynes is a KCPR DJ and Cal Poly economics junior. He wrote the copy. Hynes spins tracks on KCPR San Luis Obispo 91.3 FM and The photograph is courtesy of Appendage + Bough.