Frequently Asked Questions

Will all of my contributions be going to support KCPR?
Yes, 100% of donations given will be used to buy new equipment, continue to host events within the community, and keep us on air!

If I donate multiple times, am I entered in to win the Sweepstakes multiple times?
No, a person may only be entered in to win the Sweepstakes once. However, feel free to donate as many times as you please.

How do I find out if I won the Sweepstakes?
We will reach out to the winner of each Sweepstakes offering the day after it is offered. For example: if you win Tuesday’s offering, we’ll let you know on Wednesday that you won.

If I donate for any Sweepstake offering Monday-Thursday, will I be entered to win Outside Lands tickets?
Yes, if you donate on Monday, you’ll automatically be entered for all the offerings that day and all the ones offered after on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and even the Outside Lands tickets on Friday. Any entry you make before Friday will make you eligible for Outside Lands tickets.

If I donate on a Wednesday, am I eligible to win the Sweepstakes offerings for Monday and Tuesday?
No, because a new winner is awarded each day. Stay on top of the website to see what prize is awarded for that specific day. Outside Lands ticket giveaway is scheduled for Friday, May 27th, so donate before then so you have a chance to win!

How can I donate to KCPR Pledge Drive?
You can donate HERE online. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Email us at, or call in at (805) 756-5277.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept credit/debit cards and paypal!

Is my donation tax-deductable?
Yes! All donations to KCPR are tax-deductable. If you would like a receipt email Our tax deductible ID number is 20-4927897.

How can I get my premium items?
You can either choose to have your premium items shipped to you or make them available for pickup at KCPR.

What is the estimated shipping time for premium item orders?
Please allow for 5-7 weeks to receive your items in the mail. We will need the time to process your order and some items are printed after Pledge Drive ends May 30th. We appreciate your patience as our volunteer staff works to thank you for your donation.

Do you ship premium items internationally?
Yes! Please make sure that your shipping information is entered correctly during check out in order to send premium items to our friends around the globe.

Can I make a re-occurring donation to KCPR?
Yes! Want to pledge $20 per month for a year, or something along those lines? Visit Cal Poly Advancement, mark “Select College(s) and Program(s) for Pop-Up Menu,” choose “KCPR Radio Fund,” and mark “I would like to make this a Recurring Gift” HERE.

Who do I contact with inquiries about my donation?
Please e-mail all inquiries to