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University Union construction causes limited campus dining options

University Union construction causes limited campus dining options

By Alexa Kushner and Jennie Le

Cal Poly’s popular dining complexes, the Ave, 805 and Poly Deli, are currently under construction until the spring of 2023. This leaves students with less dining options than years past. 

Andrea Burns, the Associate Director of Cal Poly Corporation, said she is aware of the lack of current options, and the university has taken steps towards giving students new food choices. 

Audio by Alexa Kushner

“We knew that it was gonna be a challenge while building 19 is down and that’s why we created the food truck village in front of Mott Gym.”

Another obstacle to on campus dining are the hours of service, which have fluctuated a few times since the start of the pandemic

While hours initially changed due to the pandemic, Burns said now the issue is staffing.

“We’re very short staffed so having campus market stay open a little longer to potentially provide a dinner option would be a way of helping the student, and would help alleviate the wait times.” 

Architecture junior Katherine Neuner said the lack of food options on campus is unfortunate and she hopes more options will open in the future. 

“I think that being an architecture major, we often stay after school for extra long hours so it seems now that everyday, unless I make something in the morning to pack with me, that I’m eating Subway everyday for dinner, which is at this point of the school year, a little bit tiring. 

Neuner points out that there is more than just construction that is making access to food more inconvenient. 

“I think the options are getting worse. Not because I think they were serving anything different. If I remember correctly I think it was the same on the menu. It’s just the fact that everything goes through GrubHub now. 

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