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Cal Poly’s ‘Campus Comeback’ gives incoming class of 2020 a second chance for in-person orientation

Cal Poly’s ‘Campus Comeback’ gives incoming class of 2020 a second chance for in-person orientation

By Ava Kershner

Once ranked number one in the nation, Cal Poly’s week of welcome is a tradition marking the beginning of a student’s journey as a mustang. 

Due to the pandemic, orientation for the incoming class of 2020 was moved to a virtual format.

In an attempt to make up for the class’ lost in-person experience, Dean of Students, Joy Pederson, created Campus Comeback, a ten day experience for second years to get acquainted with their campus and advisors.

“Some of our students accepted their admission to Cal Poly without ever visiting or without ever having an in person class, so we really wanted something special above and beyond what we typically do,” Pederson said.

Campus Comeback also offers opportunities for students to explore the surrounding area of San Luis Obispo. College of Liberal Arts Academic Advisor, Katie Harris, says one of the main goals of this event is to connect students with their college advising centers. 

“Advising is super important to get to know right when you get to Cal Poly,” said Harris. “It’s definitely a great tool to start planning ahead and making the most of your time at Cal Poly.”

Campus Comeback included nearly 40 on-campus events, including spirit day, welcome receptions, a community resource fair, and more. Psychology Senior Madison Anderson-Au says that being on campus makes all the difference.

“Especially being on campus is so awesome, it’s great that this new generation of first years and transfers get to be on campus and it’s been super awesome to see all the smiling faces again,” Anderson-Au said.

Campus Comeback ended on September 28 with a day of academic advising and receptions with the knowledge and writing, and learning centers. 

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