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New Music Monday: April 19, 2021

New Music Monday: April 19, 2021

Each week the content writers for are going to publish a playlist containing a new song recommendation from each of them. 

Nobody But You – Sonder, Jorja Smith

Recommended by: Eden Baker

If you are looking for a new, relaxing tune, “Nobody But You” is perfect. From start to finish, the song has a smooth, calming R&B sound and song transports you directly to a quiet coffeehouse during late night hours.

Evil Eye – MIKE

Recommended by: Moises De La Cruz

Heavy-hitting bars are expected from MIKE, but on his latest, “Evil Eye,” his glitchy lo-fi rap is perfected. The dusty soul sample is a perfect match for his confident lines about why the energy he devotes to music is worth it, and would pair nicely with a playlist full of laid-back underground hip-hop.

Low Key in Love – The Struts featuring paris jackson

Recommended by: Tessa Hughes

The boys are back and, this time, are accompanied by the talented paris jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson. Lead singer Luke Spiller’s voice flows smoothly with Jackson’s. The track itself is more pop than the band traditionally is and lacks the glitzy rock they became famous for, but as it progresses the grit begins to grow. 

Into the Storm – Gojira

Recommended by: Nicholas Slater

“Into the Storm” is a hard hitting heavy metal song that tells you to “put your fist in the air.” This song’s opening instrumental has a vibe similar to the opening  of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. After the vocals kick in, it switches to more of a Metallica and heavy metal theme throughout the rest of the song.

Visions – Jose Gonzalez

Recommended by: Alice Sukhostavskiy

This lighthearted song has gentle indie-folk vibes and melodic lyrics. 

Bad Boyz Are Overrated – Sadie

Recommended by: Jenna McCarthy

Sadie is a singer-songwriter from San Diego that produces her own music from her bedroom at just 18 years old. This song dropped on April 16th and is a great pop song to jam to if you’re in a “rude men are the worst” kind of mood. 

Waves of Blue – Majid Jordan

Recommended by: Alina Jafri

The style of this song projects major The Weeknd vibes and, as someone who loves The Weeknd, I love this song. The duo does an excellent job  with combining soothing instrumentals with Majid Al Maskati’s euphonious voice.


Recommended by: Lilly Leif

This track is from the new Brockhampton album “Roadrunner: New Light New Machine,” that came out on April 9th. It features members swapping gritty verses over innovative instrumentals that Brockhampton is known for.

Purge The Poison – MARINA

Recommended by: Emily Brower

MARINA has come a long way since her “Electra Heart” era and “Purge The Poison” utilizes some of her old sound while also incorporating a revamped energy. The track references the strength of women in the industry and calls out the misogyny that they face daily.  

Forbidden Apple – Cornelius

Recommended by: Evan Gattuso

Japanese experimental musician Keigo Oyamada, known as Cornelius, released a surreal track that is perfect for anyone wanting to test out their headphones or escape from reality for a few minutes without needing to do drugs.

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