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New Music Monday: March 8, 2020

New Music Monday: March 8, 2020

Each week the content writers for are going to publish a playlist containing a new song recommendation from each of them. 


Recommended by: Eden Baker

Anyone who has ever been heartbroken is familiar with feeling helpless and missing the idea of “what could have been done” with the person who hurt them. In “Blue,” Madison Beer perfectly encapsulates these feelings and I recommend it to anyone who is currently heartbroken needs someone to relate to.

One Another – Honeyboys

Recommended by: Kallie Kidder

Go support local band Honeyboys and stream their latest single “One Another!” This single is perfect for the sunny San Luis Obispo weather and just dancing around the kitchen with your roommates. Also, Matt Sato, I’m your biggest fan! 

Young & Faded (Unplugged) – The Hunna

Recommended by: Emily Brower

Originally from their 2020 album, “I’d Rather Die Than Let You In,” The Hunna strip down their usual aggressive alternative rock sound for this unplugged version of “Young & Faded.”  

Dancing In The Mirror – Glades

Recommended by: Alina Jafri

If you’re looking for new, underground artists, check out Glades and their latest single. This song is just what you need to destress and get some serotonin. Blast this song in your room and be a main character.

Centrefold – Genesis Owusu

Recommended by: Evan Gattuso

Australia’s freshest anti-hero, Genesis Owusu, released his first full-length album, “Smiling with No Teeth,” on March 5. One of the more eccentric tracks, “Centrefold,” embodies the fluidity of freakish authenticity Owusu permeates throughout the album. If you are into “genreless” music that isn’t tied down to a specific sound, then Owusu is your artist.

4Runner – Rostam

Recommended by: Moises De La Cruz

The former Vampire Weekend wunderkind is aiming directly for your nostalgia receptors on “4Runner,” a summer-y, indie pop tune with gorgeous production. Rostam’s vocal performance is as good as it’s ever been and is paired with songwriting that evokes youthful bliss and an instantly-classic chorus that seems to give a subtle nod to “Put Your Records On” from so many eons ago. 

Spinning – No Rome ft. Charli XCX and The 1975

Recommended by: Lauren Boyer

This is a great collab with No Rome, Charli XCX, and The 1975 with a fast-paced beat and fun lyrics. Definitely a song for the summer!

Serotonin – girl in red

Recommended by: Tessa

This is the number one song off of what will be girl in red’s debut album “if i could make it go quiet,” out at the end of April. It’s upbeat sound contradicts its darker message of girl in red’s struggle with mental health, but overall it is a fun listen. 

Check out the entire playlist HERE. Comment below what your favorite recommendation was this week!

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