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Director of News

Allie Gutwein studies journalism and statistics at Cal Poly. She was born and raised near Cleveland, Ohio, and enjoys weightlifting, baking, reading, and playing with her dog, Reagan. Allie appreciates nothing more than a cold hard fact and is driven by an analytical mind. Coupled with an itch to perform, Allie is pursuing a career in radio news and reporting.


Chase W. Laurent is a psychology major at Cal Poly born and raised in Burbank, California. In his free time, Chase loves to cook and listen to Reggaeton, especially Ozuna, and his career aspirations include attending law school when he graduates. Currently, Chase does managerial accounting for restaurants in Avila and Pismo Beach on weekends, and volunteers at the County Jail throughout the week. Eventually, Chase plans on just being an awesome dad.


Rachel Showalter is studying broadcast journalism, media arts, and environmental science at Cal Poly. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she loves traveling and people watching. In Rachel's off-hours, catch her geeking about plant-based living and minimalism while hammocking on the cliffs of Montaña de Oro. With the ears of a Great Horned Owl and the eyes of a Mantis Shrimp, Rachel is always on the look-out for her next exciting story.


Thomas Morgan studies business administration and psychology at Cal Poly. He was born and raised in Tulare, a small Californian town. Thomas enjoys playing music, reading, and making people laugh. He is pursuing a career in Human Resources.

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Athlete of The Week


Kayla Iles is the newest president of the Cal Poly Water Polo Club, and she's our Athlete of The Week. Watch Kayla answer a string of questions including what her typical day looks like and why she's happy to be president here.