Pledge Drive



Pledge Drive is KCPR’s annual fundraiser where listeners and supporters help us bring them another year of commercial-free radio, exciting programming, and unique events. KCPR is a non-profit and Cal Poly student radio station that relies upon university funding to cover all costs. However, without the support of our annual Pledge Drive we would not be able to continue growing the opportunities we offer our students and improving the listening quality we bring to you over the air.

Pledge Drive’s events include:

This year, our goal is $10,000. With your support, we will be purchasing necessary new equipment such as microphones, headphones, cameras, and a recording console in order to continue broadcasting at the highest quality, bringing in live in-studio guests, and providing video content to our supporters.



How can I donate to KCPR Pledge Drive?

You can donate HERE ( online. If you have any questions, we are here to help! Email us at [email protected], or call in at (805) 756-5277.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, and personal checks. We prefer online donations because it is the quickest way to receive your payment and send you any premium items. Cash and checks can be dropped off or mailed to the station.

Please make all checks to: KCPR-FM

Mailing Address:

Bldg. 26, Rm. 301
1 Grand Avenue
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Is my donation tax-deductable?

Yes! All donations to KCPR are tax-deductable. If you would like a receipt and our tax ID number, please email [email protected]

Can I make a re-occurring donation to KCPR?

Yes! Want to pledge $20 per month for a year, or something along those lines? Visit Cal Poly Advancement, mark “Select College(s) and Program(s) for Pop-Up Menu,” choose “KCPR Radio Fund,” and mark “I would like to make this a Recurring Gift” HERE.

Who do I contact with inquiries about my donation?

Please e-mail all inquiries to [email protected]