KCPR Design Contest

Enter KCPR’s Design Contest for the chance to see your design worn by students, faculty, parents, and alumni.

At KCPR, difference matters. Your creativity, your talent, and your passion matter. KCPR is holding a design contest to showcase student and community art on our apparel and donor gifts. The winning designs will be featured on our 2023 pledge drive merchandise sent to all donors as a token of KCPR’s appreciation.


Contest opens: November 9th

Submissions due: January 9th

Winners announced: February 1st


  • Must include “KCPR 91.3 FM,” the KCPR logo, and kcpr.org. “Cal Poly” or “Cal Poly SLO” is optional.
  • The “KCPR” should be prominent.
  • May use up to four (4) colors, including black.
  • A native file is required. Vector files are preferred. 
  • Additional JPEG or PNG is required.
  • Multiple designs may be submitted.
  • Submit your entry through the Google form linked below.
  • Winners will win a free item with your design and a swag bag with KCPR merch.  

Here are KCPR’s official logos to incorporate into your design:

Also, check out KCPR’s Vault for inspo from old merch designs!


Contact marketing@kcpr.org

By submitting an entry, the artist consents that it is his/her own original work and that they have all necessary rights and permissions to use included elements. The winning artist(s) release to KCPR Radio the exclusive right to artwork to be used for station promotional material. The winner(s) will be rewarded with KCPR logo items featuring their design. No submissions will be returned. Colors may be altered in the production process. Winners will not receive their apparel until the Summer of 2023.